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Radio show microphones

Media Training 2.0

Your step by step guide to learning how to execute a successful live stream, with excellence and creativity. Taking what you're imagining and making it a reality, while leaning into the importance of mastering leverage in TEAM.

Training Topics


Erica Bradford


What's good fam!  I've served as the Creative Director at St. Luke Full Gospel Baptist Church for the past four years. I've taken my own God given talent and creativity, merged it with former training, personal research and study, to develop my skills in the areas of graphics, design and videography. As a result, I desire to help enhance the ministry and Kingdom of God at large. My passion for excellence is what drives my will for training others.

"Beyond The Four Walls"

With a world wide pandemic changing the way we function as humans, why should the church be left behind? We shouldn't and we won't if I have a say in the matter! And it's people like you, who's gonna help us continue taking the Gospel to the world. And virtual outlets is just one way that we're going to do so.

Who we're looking for?

Individuals who are teachable, flexible and committed. Listen, I (Erica) realize everyone isn't what may be considered "tech savvy" and that's  cool. As a ministry we're grateful that you're willing to serve as a volunteer and that you're choosing to position yourselves to learn and evolve. You matter!

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